With it’s last renovation in 1996, the student run bar and pub in UVic’s Student Union Building was in need of a refresh. Looking to make some functional changes like increasing seating, moving the patio, and enlarging the stage and dance floor, along with a design overhaul, our team collaborated with the user group to create plans for the new space.

 Reclaimed wood boards from a local pool hall were used to wrap bulkheads and partitions at booth seating. Corrugated metal panels clad the front of the existing bar while new concrete counters and exposed filament smoked glass pendant lights create a modern industrial vibe. Bright yellow metal pipe ceiling lights add a touch of personality and are complimented by the turquoise blue accent color found in the upholstery and seating. 

Concrete look floor tiles, brick veneer, chalkboard walls and live edge wood counters at the pool table lend to the cool new vibe of Felicita’s.